Senator Strange Releases New Ad Promoting Record and Endorsements

Touts working to pass the Trump agenda in Congress

Birmingham, Ala.  -  U.S. Senator Luther Strange announced on Monday the release of his sixth television ad for the Republican special primary election for Senate.

The ad highlights Senator Strange’s daily devotion to follow his Christian beliefs and what he believes is morally right. The ad also responds to the NeverTrump insiders who falsely attack Senator Strange because of his work cleaning up corruption in Montgomery. Lastly, the ad promotes endorsements by two key conservative groups, the National Rifle Association and National Right to Life.



Watch ad here


“I am proud of the work my team did to clean up the swamp in Montgomery while I was Attorney General,” said Strange. “When you work to convict powerful politicians and disrupt the establishment’s status quo, you make enemies. Now, those enemies falsely attack me with deceitful claims, just as the same individuals harshly attacked Donald Trump last election.


“It is an honor to serve in the United States Senate where I am working with President Trump to drain the swamp in Washington and to stop illegal immigration alongside Attorney General Jeff Sessions. I am also grateful to be endorsed by the National Rifle Association and National Right to Life in this race.”


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