Senator Strange qualifies for Republican senate primary

Big Luther ready to continue work in Washington for Alabama

Birmingham, Ala. – Ready to continue his hard work on behalf of Alabama in the U.S. Senate, Senator Luther Strange qualified for the Republican Senate primary on Wednesday and released the following statement: 

“The people of Alabama are ready to choose who is going to represent them in the U.S. Senate and I trust them to make the right decision. As an outsider, I was able to drain the swamp in Montgomery and beat back the Obama agenda, and I’m ready to use that experience to help President Trump do the same in Washington. 

“My proven, conservative record of fighting for all of Alabama makes me confident that folks will choose me to continue Jeff Sessions’ legacy and continue to fight alongside President Trump. I appreciate the trust Alabama voters placed in me twice in the last six years by electing me to serve as their Attorney General, and I look forward to once again earning their vote as I work to serve as their voice in the U.S. Senate.”

Big Luther Is Working For You

Working with President Trump and Getting Results in Washington:

  • Senator Strange brings an outsider’s perspective to Washington and is working daily with other conservative Senators to find small-government solutions to our most pressing problems and help President Trump keep his promises.
  • It was a proud moment for Senator Strange and conservatives everywhere when he voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch as the next Justice for the United States Supreme Court, a decision that will have a generational impact for for years to come.
  • Senator Strange is also protecting our country and introduced legislation that will take federal transportation funds away from sanctuary cities and redirect those dollars to building the wall on our southern border, giving liberals the choice to either follow federal law or pay to build the wall.
  • Working to repeal Obamacare, rebuild our military, rollback red tape and reform our tax code are priorities Senator Strange is working towards every day and will not stop until he has helped President Trump make all of these promises a reality. 

Draining the Swamp in Montgomery and Washington: 

  • An outsider, for six years Senator Strange successfully took on the political elite and special interest groups in Montgomery.
  • Keeping his promise to clean up corruption, Senator Strange created a special prosecutions unit, instructing them to follow the truth wherever it led. His team was responsible for dozens of public corruption convictions, including Republican Speaker of the House, Mike Hubbard. That same team led the investigation into Governor Bentley which ended with his resignation.
  • For the first time in one hundred years, the Attorney General’s office impeached and removed a Sheriff from office for drug and human trafficking. 

Standing Up to the Obama administration:

  • Senator Strange fought the radical liberal agenda of Barack Obama on behalf of Alabama and took the Obama administration to federal court numerous times over the last six years.
  • He took on the attacks against our First Amendment religious liberty rights, and worked hard to keep the federal gun-grabbers’ hands off of our guns.
  • On behalf of family farms and small businesses, Senator Strange sued the Environmental Protection Agency to protect private property rights and roll back the unnecessary, job-killing red tape that was a wet blanket on the American economy.
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