Senator Strange launches first ads for Republican special election

Touts tough conservative record of draining the swamp in Montgomery

Birmingham, Ala.  -  U.S. Senator Luther Strange announced on Monday the release of his first television and radio ads for the Republican special primary election for Senate.

Both ads highlights Strange’s successful record of taking on public corruption as Alabama’s Attorney General, and his efforts as a U.S. Senator to help President Donald Trump repeal Obamacare and Attorney General Jeff Sessions stop illegal immigration.

“No one else in this race has the record I do of draining the swamp in Montgomery and successfully fighting the radical Obama agenda in court. Montgomery insiders predicted I committed political suicide when my public corruption team indicted Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, but this is exactly the kind of conviction needed to help President Trump drain the swamp in Washington,” Strange said.

The radio ad also announces Senator Strange’s new legislation that will help President Trump keep his promise to build the wall on the southern border. His three page bill takes federal transportation dollars away from sanctuary cities and redirects them to funding the Secure the Fence Act of 2006.

“It’s really pretty simple. If liberals don’t want to follow the law, then they can pay to fund the wall,” stated Strange. “Helping Attorney General Jeff Sessions return our nation to following the rule of law is a top priority for me and my new bill will help him hold sanctuary cities accountable to following federal law.”