Senator Luther Strange prepares to take the stage at Atlanta NRA event alongside President Trump

By Michael Clark


Senator Luther Strange is gearing up to join President Donald Trump in Atlanta to speak at a National Rifle Association event Friday.

Members from across the country began pulling into town Thursday. Organizers are prepared for as many as 80,000 attendees at the event.

CBS 42 News found visitors from as far away as Pennsylvania and Texas.

“It’s worth it,” said Michael Richey, who flew in from Dallas. “We did Louisville last year, and I’ve been going with friends that have been going for 10 years, so I plan on keeping it up.”

President Trump touted his support for second amendment rights during his campaign. NRA members will be all ears at Friday’s convention.

“In my mind, the actions speak louder than the words,” said Charles McCubbin, an attendee from Pennsylvania. “I would rather have him do things than come and talk about doing things and that goes for any president.”

President Trump will be the first sitting president since Ronald Reagan to speak at an NRA event.

A spokeswoman for the organization expects a range of topics from speakers, including continued efforts for a federal concealed carry reciprocity bill.

“If you live in Alabama and you’re traveling to Montana if you have a concealed carry permit in Alabama it would be recognized,”  explained Catherine Mortensen with the NRA. “Not only in Montana but in every state along the way as you travel.”

Gun laws continue to be a hot topic for lawmakers in Alabama. Legislators continue to mull over the idea of allowing gun owners to conceal and carry without having to purchase a permit.

Senator Luther Strange will join other U.S. Senators like Ted Cruz from Texas, David Perdue from Georgia as guest speakers.

CBS 42 News will be at Friday’s event in Atlanta and will have live reports starting at 5 p.m.