Moore Clueless on Immigration, Strange Strong History of Fighting Illegal Immigration

Birmingham, AL –  The Strange for Senate Campaign released a new digital video featuring Roy Moore’s lack of knowledge of the DACA program implemented by President Barack Obama.

“Career Politician Roy Moore’s failure to know anything about the DACA program that was President Obama’s key method to halting deportations of illegal immigrants is beyond embarrassing. As Attorney General of Alabama, Luther Strange was proud to fight against President Obama’s illegal amnesty programs and win. Luther Strange is proud to stand beside President Trump who understands how serious it is to stop illegal immigration and enforce our nation's laws. Roy Moore cannot even say what his position on the issue is - how will he be able to fight with President Trump?”


In a radio interview on July 11, 2017 Roy Moore was asked a question about his views on whether President Donald Trump should end the DACA protection for so-called Dreamers. Roy Moore responded by saying that he did not know what that program or what Dreamers were and then asked the radio show host to explain the programs. 


Paid for by Strange for Senate