Luther Strange Senate ad touts Mike Hubbard prosecution, Robert Bentley resignation

By Leada Gore

A new video from Sen. Luther Strange's campaign hits at Washington insiders and liberal politicians, while touting the prosecution of former Alabama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard and the resignation of ex-governor Robert Bentley.

The 1 minute, 30 second spot begins with images of Strange driving his muddy truck into a car wash just as a group of suited men get sprayed by water.

"We sent him to Montgomery to clean up political corruption," the narrator says. "And big Luther Strange kept his word, fighting corrupt Montgomery insiders and special interests."

The ad then cuts away to the headline "Strange will investigate Bentley," followed by another that says "AL Speaker Mike Hubbard sentenced to 4 years."

"The guts to fight Montgomery corruption. The prosecution and conviction of a corrupt House speaker. The investigation and governor's resignation. A new public corruption prosecution unit. Corrupt politicians convicted," the ad says.

Strange was Alabama's Attorney General when his office prosecuted Hubbard for a range of felony ethics violations. Strange recused himself from the case, however, citing his use of the Auburn Republican's printing company.

Hubbard was sentenced to four years in prison.

Bentley resigned in March - one month after appointing Strange to the U.S. Senate - as part of a plea deal over campaign and ethics violations. Strange drew fire for his handling of the case, with critics saying he delayed the investigation into Bentley by asking the House impeachment committee to put its work on hold.

Strange has denied the claims.

Strange currently has three challengers for the Senate seat: State Rep. Ed Henry, former Christian Coalition President Randy Brinson and former Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore.

Ties to Trump

The ad also touts Strange's ties to Trump.

"Working with President Trump to drain the swamp. Cutting spending. Reducing taxes to grow our economy with new jobs. Killing unfair trade deals with Mexico and China. Repeal Obamacare. Slashing funds to sanctuary cities. Using the funds to build a wall at the border," the narrator says.