Congressman Brooks Continues His Attack on President Trump

Birmingham, Ala.  -  Strange for Senate spokesperson, Shana Teehan, released the following statement regarding Congressman Mo Brooks’ statements against President Trump’s endorsement of Luther Strange:

“Mo Brooks has stooped to a new low even for Mo Brooks. Career politician Congressman Brooks followed up yesterday’s statement demeaning Alabama voters, calling them "easy to deceive' and 'uninformed', by insulting President Trump on his endorsement of Luther Strange. As other candidates join Congressman Brooks in his anti-Trump campaign, it is clear that Luther Strange is the only true pro-Trump candidate in this election, which is why President Trump endorsed him so strongly. Together, Senator Luther Strange and President Trump will continue efforts to fill our courts with conservative judges, repeal Obamacare, offer tax relief to hard working Americans, lift this heavy burden of government regulations, rebuild our military and build that wall on our southern border.

“In regard to Congressman Brooks being “baffled” by President Trump’s endorsement, we would like to remind Congressman Brooks of the hateful statements he made and continues to make against President Trump, and the fact that his campaign is surrounded by Never Trump people.”



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