BREAKING NEWS: President Donald Trump endorses Luther Strange in Alabama Senate primary special election

Homewood, Ala. - U.S. Senator Luther Strange released the following statement regarding President Donald Trump's decision to endorse his candidacy for U.S. Senate in the Alabama Special Election Primary: 


"I am so deeply honored and humbled to receive the endorsement and support of our President, Donald Trump. It is an honor to work hard beside him to deliver upon his promises to the American people. Together, we will continue efforts to fill our courts with conservative judges, repeal Obamacare, offer tax relief to hard working Americans, lift this heavy burden of government regulations, rebuild our military and build that wall on our southern border.  Our country stood upon a precipice last November, but the American voters spoke out loud and clear, tired of a stagnant economy, political correctness and politicians who don't listen. President Trump's election and hard work has given millions of people hope again and I'm proud to stand beside him to make America great again."